A Tale Of Zero Binkys

Alright gang, I am back and ready to write!

It’s been mass chaos in my life lately and every time I plan to write a new post something gets in the way. Today however I am making the time. I NEED to get this off my chest because if I do not, I am going to lose my mind.

So, for starters, just in case you are reading this and you do not know what a binky is… I am referring to a pacifier. Before my son was born I swore up and down that he would NEVER have a binky because they are just a bad habit. Well, as a lot of things change once the baby is earth side.. my thoughts on binkys changed too.

My son, Alden, is a few days away from being 20 months old. A month or so after he turned 1, I said “NO MORE BINKYS!!!” That lasted all of about 8 hours because when the night time came and he was screaming and restless without it, I caved. I am all for waiting until your child shows signs of being “ready” before throwing them into the deep end with no float. He wasn’t ready then. Lately however, he has been doing good without it except at night.

Now the last time I tried this.. we thought that we only had 1 lonely pacifier left floating around the house. After that dreaded night of going cold turkey, I kid you not when I say this boy pulled FIVE hidden binkys out of the FREAKING woodwork. I mean we had torn the house apart looking for them knowing they were there somewhere, only to be dissapointed, but my toddler bamboozled me and brought them all out!

Now lets chat about the series of events that led to this time.

Somehow we lost 2 of the 5 hidden binkys at stores. He then bit one of them half and he lost the other one at my in laws house. She happened to find it and now she keeps it on reserve for moments like these. We got home the other day and since I had some time before my husband got off work, I decided to relax and watch Alden run around playing.

At one point I noticed he was missing his binky but he quickly found it. It wasn’t until we got ready to head to my parent’s house that we realized the one and only binky was missing again. We did a quick sweep of the house, realized it wasn’t going to be that easy, and left without it.

Then bedtime came.

Once again, we did another sweep of the house and still didn’t find it. At first I thought, OK.. this is it, we are really doing this. (HA HA) So we lay down in bed for about 15 seconds before he starts bouncing off the walls. I tell him to lay down to which he replies “binky!” So i sadly told him that binky ran away and that he would have to sleep without it like a big boy. after an hour of no sleep, I went to go get him some milk. He follows me and keeps saying “binky” over and over and over. Once again I’ve decided that we are really going to go through with this and that I am not going to continue tearing my house to shreds looking for a little piece of plastic.

Then it dawned on me that if we don’t find the missing binky, he will, and then our efforts will be worthless. So I then went on a raid of my own home trying to find that DANG THING! Obviously he wasn’t going to bed anytime soon, so perhaps letting him play would burn off his energy. I sure did burn through the little energy I had left. Oh and yeah I didn’t find it. I looked in shoes, in baskets, under the counches, under tables, under rugs, in my purse, in the trash, the fridge.. heck I even went through the cases of Gatorade and bottled water. yeah.. nothing.

After an eternity of him acting like a crazy person, we finally got him to calm down and he finally fell asleep. He woke up at some point, but I was in a haze so I have no idea what time it was. He fell back asleep pretty quickly. Then he woke up at 4:45 and would NOT go back to sleep so at that point I figured I might as well get my day started since I wake up at 5:20 anyway.

So, needless to say we “made” it through our first night binkyless, but I know we still have more fights to come.

pray for me guys.. I’m gonna need it!






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