A Tale Of Zero Binkys – Update

Hey guys!

So today marks THREE weeks since we have been binky free in the Sosa household. It honestly wasn’t as terrible as I thought it was going to be. Oh and we found the missing Binky… but more on that later.

So as you recall if you read my last post I explained how Alden had lost his one and only binky somewhere in our house, and although we went on a mission to find it, it never turned up. I REALLY wanted to find that dang thing because I didn’t want him to find it after he past his withdrawals stage. Again… even after tearing my house apart, it never showed.

So the first two nights were TOUGH! He would wake up crying and there was nothing I could do. Luckily though that’s about as bad as it got. He did wake up several times during the night for about a week and half, but I would give him some water and he was OK. I figured his mouth was probably just drying out with the lack of his saliva inducing binky to save him.

Lucky for us he never asked for it or cried out for it which made it much easier on us.

Now back to finding Mr. Binky. Where was he you ask? Well let me tell you!

So Saturday morning we were up early getting ready to hit the road and drive to my grandma’s house. Chris happened to be digging through his shorts drawer when all the sudden I hear “Look what I just found!” I came walking into the room, look down and THERE IT WAS! Hidden under some shorts! I quickly snatched it up before Alden got to that side of the room and saw it. I threw it right into the trash!

Thank goodness we found it before he did! From time to time Alden likes to open the drawers and throw all the clothes out (in fact he did that yesterday) So we got VERY lucky!

This is just a quick update for you guys on how things have gone.

Thanks for reading guys!


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