Treespiration: Christmas Is HERE!

Hello Friends!

I am back and ready to write. I have been meaning to post for a while now, but life has gotten in the way. Between work chaos, stomach bugs and colds I’ve been a bit distracted. I’m here now so let’s get into this.

Today I thought I would do something that isn’t necessarily mommy related (although let’s be honest, trying to put up your tree with a toddler around is nearly impossible) but perhaps, I could give you guys the inspiration or “tree”spiration to get those trees up!

For me, growing up every year my parents would wait to pull out the Christmas decor until after thanksgiving. They would get the tree up and add the lights, then we would all decorate the tree as a family. Once we got older, we would also help with the outdoor decorations. It was always a lot of fun. I always thought I was a pretty big fan of Christmas, and then I met my husband.

My husband and I moved in to our first apartment the week before Thanksgiving. The day after we moved in he BEGGED me to go to Target and buy Christmas decor. So our tree went up right before Thanksgiving. It was so nice having the tree lit and a fire going while snuggling up on the couch. Something about Christmas trees just make me feel cozy.

I believe putting the tree up just before Thanksgiving remained our tradition UNTIL 2014. My son was due December 23 and by the end of October I was DONE with being pregnant. I decided to go ahead and put the tree up at the beginning of November and honestly, I am glad that I did. I think if I would have waited until Thanksgiving, It wouldn’t have happened. I also specifically remember that on that particular year, the ornaments were pretty much thrown on the tree, with no rhyme or reason at all. This of course only made my husband want the tree to go up earlier every year!

Normal me, tends to be on the OCD side when it comes to Christmas decorating. First, I have to get everything out of the garage and in the house. Next, I go through it all and sort everything out. I mean EVERYTHING. I group everything together and then, I take all the ornaments out and sort them by color.

Typically, my husband and I both work together to fluff the tree. Once it is ready for lights, I start out with this task, get angry about 1/4 of the way through, and then let me husband finish it up.  Then it is my time to do my thing.

Every year, I take the time to look at the tree, look at the ornaments, and then think of how I want to decorate. Some years I want to keep it traditional, but in my own way, so I count out how many ornaments I have, divide it by four (number of “sections” on the tree), and then I count out how many of each color I have and divide that by four. So not only would I know how many total ornaments should be on each section, but I also know how many of each color should be on each section. CRAZY me.

One year, I decided to be different and I actually grouped all the ornaments by color ON the tree. It was different, but I wasn’t super in love with it.

This year I tried something different. I did group the ornaments by color on the tree, but this time I placed the ornaments in diagonal lines wrapped around the tree. This way you still get color grouping, but you also get colors mixed together on all sides. I LOVE my tree this year. It isn’t perfect, but it is still fun and different.

It is so nice to sit down after a long day of working and chasing my toddler around, and enjoy my TV shows by Christmas tree light. It is something I absolutely love about the holidays.

I thought it would be fun to close out this post by sharing photos of my tree throughout the years. I believe the only year I did not take a photo was 2014, which is when I was miserably pregnant and just DID. NOT. CARE.

Christmas 2010


Christmas 2011


Christmas 2012


Christmas 2013


Christmas 2015


Christmas 2016


Well there you have it. I hope you have enjoyed this festive post! Does anyone else already have their tree up? If not, when do you begin Christmas decorating? I would love to hear from others!

Until next time,



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