Putting My 2017 Goals In Writing

It’s the first week of 2017 and boy am I glad. 2016 was a major downer, and I think a lot of people are in agreement with me on that. I am ready to start over and this year, instead of making “resolutions” aka “things I am never going to follow through with”, I have decided to create goals for myself. These are things that I actually WANT to accomplish, and things that are attainable.

Not only do I want to set goals for myself, but I also want to put them into writing, where I can easily view them, which will help me hold myself accountable. I actually got this idea from a youtuber that I watch (TheGabbieShow, check her out she’s hilarious). She writes down her goals for the year and does everything she can to make sure she marks them all off. I think this is GREAT! I’ve never done this before, but it seems like an amazing thing to do.

I’m going to list out my goals, and add an explanation as to why they are going on my list.

  • Find some positive EVERY DAY of 2017 and write it down.
    • Typically I am a positive person. I can find the bright side to anything. However, 2016 took me on a negative roller coaster that was hard to get out of. For example, I would come home complaining about how horrible my day was. My husband would say something like ” Hey, at least you got to go get Starbucks today!” I would respond with another complaint about how the barista didn’t make my drink as good as usual. One day my husband made a comment to me about how if you are always being negative, you will only multiply the negativity. Finding one good thing about your day, even if it is as small as “getting to go to Starbucks” could combat the negative thoughts! Of course everyone is going to have bad days, it happens. I am choosing to find something good even in the bad. I have a journal that I have broken into months and then days (sort of like a planner layout). Each day I am going to write one good thing that came out of the day. It might be a one word sentence such as “MOCHA!” or something like ” Today, I got off work early and missed all the traffic.” Either way, I am choosing to fight the negative thoughts with positive thoughts! Plus, if there is more than one positive thing I can write it down.


  • SAVE MONEY, Cash Money!
    • This year has been financially difficult for my little family. Despite that, one thing we have always had problems with is actually keeping money in the savings account. I believe that you should continuously add money to your savings account, and leave it untouched UNLESS you absolutely need it. So I guess you could say I would like to be a money hoarder.My husband however will transfer the funds to our checking account if our account even gets a little lower than usual. We ran into a lot of issues this year where we needed that extra money to get us through. Car batteries die, child has a growth spurt and needs new clothes, dog gets sick. This coming year I have decided I am going to do something about it.My husband gets paid every week, and I get paid every other week. Every paycheck, I am going to take out $20. That means that on weeks when we both get a paycheck, I will take out $40. I already have an envelope ready to roll. I plan on keeping it hidden, where no one except me will know about it. This way when those little emergencies arise, we have the money to turn to. Or for example, if we haven’t had any major emergencies come up, then we can use the money to prep for my son’s birthday party, or for Christmas gifts. I am truly hoping to keep this up. I think it will help us tremendously.


  • Go On More Dates
    • This year, I think my husband and I have gone on maybe 5 dates total. That includes our anniversary and double dates. I think it is very important to have that one-on-one time, even if it’s just a 30 minute coffee date at Starbucks. I truly feel that my relationship has not been as connected as it could be. That’s OK, but we really need to make more time for one another. We tend to always try and include Alden in all our outings, but as any parent with a young child knows, things can go from OK, to bad, to worse REAL quick. Parents need breaks away from their kids. It is healthy for everyone in the situation and so I plan on working on that this year.


  • Say Goodbye To Co-Sleeping
    • Listen, Before Alden was born I told myself that Co-sleeping is something I would NEVER Do. Then he was born and I became a zombie. In my desperation for survival I ended up starting co-sleeping and now two years later, he is still in my bed! Honestly, I do not mind it at all. I feel like he is safe with me, and he doesn’t get it my way, but, he has a bit of separation anxiety and he has to get over that before he starts school in a few years. one thing I WILL NOT do is put unnecessary stress on not only him, but myself as well. My first step has been getting him to fall asleep on his own, without anyone laying with him, or even in the room. He actually started doing this on his own, which is wild to me, but I’m OK with it. My next step will be to get rid of the crib to toddler bed situation and replace it with perhaps a character bed like Spider-man. We also plan to get a TV for his room, because typically when he gets ready for bed, he lays down and watches TV until he falls asleep. The goal is, have everything that my room has in his room, while also making it a fun place to be. Here’s to hoping for a smooth transition.

So those are my goals for the year. I think there might be a possibility of me adding to it. That’s the great thing about setting goals, you can add to them or add new goals whenever you feel they are needed. 🙂

I’m interest to know what everyone Else’s goals are. Feel free to leave me a comment with your goals. Put them in writing, hold yourself accountable and let’s see where we are at the end of the year.




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